About us

Novexco serves a large array of customers through its merchant members, sales divisions and web site.

Novexco combines the logistics of large modern companies with the proximity offered by its multiple points of contact with its customers.

Novexco is committed to promoting a culture based on diversity, inclusion and the development of its employees. Click here to read our Diversity Policy.


Novexco has many major clients including governments, financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals and educational organizations.

Novexco also serves thousands of small and medium-sized businesses across the country.


Novexco has access to more than 500,000 traditional and innovative products through its supplier network.

Novexco partners with all major national manufacturers, including 3M, Newell Brands, Acco and Global.

Novexco also has 8 private brands: Business Source, Compuccessory, Lorell, Nature Saver, Genuine Joe, Integra, Offix® and Sparco. These brands offer more than 2,000 products in all categories.

Through its own Distribution Centres, Novexco also manages complete customized product programs for organizations such as the Fédération des caisses Desjardins.


Novexco has 8 distribution centres with a total of almost 580,000 square feet, including a 138,000 square foot, high-performance technology facility, with intelligent conveyors in its main distribution centre in Laval.

Novexco's distribution centres are located from the East to the West, in Dartmouth NS, Laval QC, Montreal QC, Toronto ON, Brampton ON, Calgary AB (2) and Vancouver BC.


Novexco's online sales are processed on its hamster.ca website, accessible to business customers and consumers across the country. This website offers 20,000 products that are stocked or rapidly accessible by direct delivery from its suppliers.

Hamster™ also serves a network of more than 70 satellite sites, operated by its merchants.